Top 15 Kid Friendly Activities to do in Bruce County

Top 15 Kid Friendly Activities to do in Bruce County

Top 15 Things to Do with Your Kids in Bruce County!

You asked for it! Here are a few things to do with your kids in Bruce County

1.     Feed the birds at MacGregor Point Provincial Park Feeding the birds at MacGregor Provincial Park

MacGregor Point Provincial Park, Port Elgin

 Pack some bird seeds and put it in your hand – be patient – a chickadee will eat the seeds right out of your hands.

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2.     Be a Captain at the Museum

Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, Southampton

Rediscover the stories of our harbours and ports, the fishing and delivery of supplies and the struggles with shipwrecks, shipbuilding and navigational aids. Be the captain of your own ship on the HMS General Hunter. An exciting virtual reality experience awaits you as you feel what it might have been like to sail, along with load and fire a cannon during the bombardment of Fort Detroit

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3.     Spot the Turtle at Fairy Lake

Fairy Lake, Southampton

Walk around the 1km trail around Fairy Lake and spot the turtles. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the picnic area behind the Bruce County Museum and Fairy Lake.

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4.     Be a scuba diver at Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitor Centre Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitors Centre

Bruce Peninsula National Park Visitor Centre, Tobermory

Watch the fun video of the Bruce Peninsula National Park in their theatre, then tour around the visitor centre to learn about diving in Fathom Five National Marine Park, walk into the Big Tub Lighthouse or experience the life of a lighthouse keeper inside the Visitor Centre. Your kids could really spend all day here!

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5.     Splash with Willie at the Wiarton Willie Splash Pad

Wiarton Willie Splash Pad at Bluewater Park, Wiarton

This wicked splash pad is fun for kids. You never know when Wiarton Willie is going to surprise you with a splash. Bluewater park is filled with fun activities such as the splash pad, public swimming pool, a playground and outdoor fitness centre. All of this is located along Colpoy’s Bay with the picturesque escarpment as the backdrop.

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Kids feeding the sheep at Hoity Toity Cellars in Mildmay, ON6.     Feed the Sheep at Hoity Toity Cellar’s

This cellar is great for mom and dad. Mom and Dad can sample some of Bruce County’s snob free cider while kids can run around with Hoity Toity’s Cellar hardest workers, Australian Sheppard’s Nellie and Stella. The kids will have the opportunity to take pictures with the flock of sheep.


7.     Pick fruit at Keyzer’s Fruit Farm

Keyzer’s Fruit Farm, Paisley

Look for what’s in season, pick some strawberries, raspberries or cherries at Keyzer’s Fruit Farm.


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8.     Be the King of the castle at the Sauble Sand Dunes

Sauble Sand Dunes, Sauble Beach

Krazy Carpets are not only for the winter, bring it to the Sauble Sand Dunes and slide down. Or race to the top and find the Adventure passport Box hidden at the top.

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9.     Learn to Bike at the Bruce County Mountain Bike Adventure Park

Mountain Bike Adventure Park, Wiarton

This is the most kid friendly bike park in Bruce County. There are over 20km of double tract trails.

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Greig's Caves10. 
Explore the 10 caves at Greig’s Caves

Greig’s Caves, Lion’s Head

 Be an explorer and bring the kids through the 10 limestone caves. Dress like explorer by bringing some bells, good hiking shoes and a flashlight. You will be surprised by the wildlife you will find!

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11.  Romp around at the Ripley Splash Pad

Lewis Park Splash Pad, Ripley

 Too cold for the beach? This splash pad is great for those fair days!

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Sunsetting at Kincardine Lighthouse12.  Climb to the top to the Kincardine Lighthouse

Kincardine Lighthouse, Kincardine

Climb the 69 steps to the top of the Lighthouse for the most magnificent views of the Kincardine Harbour and the turquoise water of Georgian Bay.

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13.  Meet the Pirate at Shipwreck Lee’s
Photo of a child on Blue Heron Boat Cruise in Tobermory

Shipwreck Lee’s, Tobermory

 Ahoy, me Hearties! Bring the kids to meet the Pirate at Shipwreck Lee’s

Have the kids dress up like a Pirate and ask the pirate to teach them some pirate lingo.

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14.  Feel the rush on the Boat Tours through Fathom Five National Marine Park.

Boat Tours, Tobermory

Ride the waves! On this boat tour you will experience the views of 3 Lighthouses, 2 Shipwrecks, 2 Flowerpots and the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. What kids doesn’t like boat rides?

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Kid with Blinky the Lighthouse mascot15.  March in the Pipe Band Parade

Kincardine Scottish Parade, Kincardine

Put on a kilt and march with the Kincardine Pipe Band on Saturday nights in the summer. Kids will have the opportunity to take a photo with Blinky the Lighthouse.

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