6 tips to help Christmas Tree's Live Longer

6 tips to help Christmas Tree's Live Longer

1.  Just like when you receive a rose and put it in water right away, it’s good to cut an inch off the tree you bring home before putting it in water.  A hardened layer already starts to form after 4-5 hrs from the original cut so cutting off the end will help the moisture absorption process.??

2.   Have a good tree stand that can hold at least 2 litres of water, as trees drink a lot of water. Make sure pets can't get near the base or they will drink all the water and leave your tree thirsty. There are even special funnels for watering Christmas trees! Or you can use a car care funnel but just make sure it’s a clean one.??

3.   Assign someone to check the tree water every few days. If the water runs out then the base of the tree dries over and forms a resin coating. This will stop water from being absorbed in the future – no matter how much water you continue to pour on it.??

4.  christmas treesReplace your old Christmas bulbs with new LED ones. The new lights are smaller and produce less heat. Less heat near a flammable tree is always a good thing as a fire would be way worse then just a dried out tree.??

5.  Keep the tree away from heating vents and sunlight from a window.  Shade in your home will help it from drying out quicker.??

6.  Properly cared for cut evergreen trees can last on about 4 to 5 weeks, on average.  Putting a live tree up Dec 1st means that it’s needles should last until after New Years. Ken Goldsmith in Bruce County Forestry says, “Different kinds of trees absorb different amounts of water, so water is the key.”  He adds " Go for the greener, healthier looking ones - usually ones that were cut that day".

Fact Vs Fiction:  Research has shown that the old aspirin in water doesn't help a tree last longer.  Plain ole water will do the trick.  What are you using this year?  Real tree or fake?