The MacGregor Point Experience

The MacGregor Point Experience

This amazing Provincial Park just outside of Port Elgin, Ontario is a winter paradise!

Accommodation: Yurt Camping – If you’ve never stayed in a yurt, you have got to give it a try!

Photo of a Yurt in the winter

What is a yurt? A yurt is an eight-sided, 16 foot diameter, tent-like structure installed on a wooden deck floor. It can accommodate up to six people. They are nicely equipped with electric heating, outlets and lighting. Four vinyl windows let you see the snow fly from the comfort of your toasty accommodations. Outside the yurt you will find a fire pit, kitchen shelter, picnic tables and a propane barbeque with a side burner; a virtual home away from home.

While the yurt itself is quite the attraction, you will of course want to get outside and enjoy the winter wonderland that the Park offers.

Photo of a lady skating the loop at MacGregor Point

Outdoor skating: This awesome 400m ice trail makes its way through the woods in the Park. It’s open from 9am – 10pm, and is lit at night. There is also a hockey pad available if a game if shinny is what you’re after.  


Winter Birding: Many of the migratory birds that call Bruce County home in the summer do head south for the winter, but there are a number of species that stick around.  Bring some bird seed and patience with you and you may be able to get them to feed out of your hand.

Photo of a lady feeding birds at MacGregor Point


Skiing and Snowshoeing are major activities in the Park during winter. Choose one of their many trails to explore. 7km of set track cross country ski trail and 20 km of unplowed trails road and shoreline for snowshoeing await you. If you are new to these activities, get in touch with Thorncrest Outfitters in Southampton for rental and guiding options.


Cooking on the barbeque and over the fire are great meal preparation options, but if you are looking for a break from cooking, there are great restaurants very close to the park.


Breakfast: Aunt Mabel’s Country Kitchen – 5084 Highway 21, Port Elgin 866-8682880

Lunch: Allan’s Fireside Grill – 623 Green Street, Port Elgin 519-832-4745

Dinner: Saffron, A Taste of the Exotic – 2-522 Goderich Street, Port Elgin 519-832-9121

Ristorante Rosina – 698 Goderich Street, Port Elgin 519-389-5977

Late night: Queen’s Bar & Grill – 603 Goderich Street, Port Elgin 519-832-2041

Wismer House - 705 Goderich Street, Port Elgin 519-832-5565


MacGregor Point Provincial Park, 1593 Bruce Road 33, Port Elgin, 519-389-9056

Thorncrest Outfitters, 193 High Street, Southampton 888-345-2925