Town of Teeswater, A Community of South Bruce

The flourishing village of Teeswater takes its name from the river that runs through it which was, in turn, was named for the Tees River in England.  This historic rural community dates back over 150 years to the time when four local farmers had their lands surveyed into village lots.  They were fortunate in their choice with the Mud River, as the Teeswater was originally known, flowing by their doors.

Taking advantage of the ample waterpower, a saw mill and grist mill went up on the banks of the river.  Soon, Teeswater, with its taverns, general stores, and weekly mail service, became the hub of Culross Township.  The 1870s were a great age for railway expansion.  Pledging what was, for the time, the incredible amount of $43,000, Teeswater and Culross lured the Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway to the village.  The first train arrived in 1874 loaded with passengers who were given a Teeswater greeting and a royal banquet.

Like many other Bruce County communities, Teeswater has long had a musical tradition.  Today, the prize-winning Teeswater Highlanders Pipes and Drums regularly present concerts on the lawn beside town hall.  Teeswater is not only a friendly place to visit, it is the administrative centre of the Municipality of South Bruce.

Fun Fact

Visitors to Teeswater love to take a drink from a very special fountain in the form of a lion with his mouth open in full roar.  Placed in front of the public library by the local Lion’s Club, Leo the Lion entertained a generation of youngsters who came to get both a drink of pure water and the thrill of putting their heads in the mouth of a lion.  Twice Leo was kidnapped on Halloween nights but was put back in his place of honour - never more to roam.

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