Canoeing DayTrip Daydream in Paisley, Ontario!

Spring Canoeing Daydream in Paisley, Ontario!

BeNestled at the confluence of two rivers both the Saugeen and the Teeswater, Paisley is considered one of Ontario’s best vintage downtowns (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario), that truly has something to delight all manner of daytrippers.

For outdoor devotees from anglers to paddlers, hikers to birders, Paisley is surrounded by the best Mother Nature has to offer.  This “best-kept secret” destination is where the Saugeen River, Ontario's best, family-friendly, 4–day canoe route, awaits your enthusiasm and water-ready vessel.  To make your daytrip easier there is a local canoe outfitter that you can rent a canoe or kayak directly in Paisley called Cowan Canoe Livery.

Paisley is a few hours drive from Toronto, where the mighty Saugeen River offers miles of solitude and unparalleled encounters with nature. Winding 102 km through the scenic countryside stretching from Hanover to Southampton, and emptying finally into Lake Huron.   If you time the day-trip right, you can experience one of the most stunning sunsets ever.    Paisley is an excellent put-in spot with four water access points in and around the village.  It will quickly become a tradition to visit yearly.

From an angler’s perspective, the Saugeen has an ample supply of Steelhead Salmon, Brown Trout, Bass, the formidable Muskie and Pike all within a close proximity to outfitters, camping sites and fishing suppliers.  In fact, TV fishing personality, Darryl Choronzey has this to say about our river: "....after an afternoon of fishing and talking as we made our way downstream towards Lake Huron, I now truly believe that the Saugeen River really does have the potential to become one of the best, if not THE best trout stream found anywhere in eastern North America."

Paddle, visit or cast your line in Paisley’s local rivers before the secret gets out!