Top Small Mouth Bass Fishing Spot  | Walkerton, Ontario

Top Small Mouth Bass Fishing Spot | Walkerton, Ontario

Outdoor sport activities abound in Walkerton, Ontario which is known as a top rated small mouth bass fishing spot directly on the famous Saugeen River. When visiting, families can fly fish, participate in derbys, and take advantage of free family fishing days during the summer and winter.   The Saugeen is home to almost every species of freshwater fish and is the reason why it is such a popular fishing river. ontario fishing saugeen river The most dominant type of fish is the small mouth bass along with Brook Trout, Pike and Musky at the lower ends.  Yet, some of the most spectacular sights can be seen in the fall when the Salmon are jumping up stream or even the spring when the Rainbow Trout are running.   I haven't fished in years yet have caught some great photos of these magnificent swimmers jumping up local dams.

When participating in fishing outdoor activities, Ontario residents over 18 need to apply for an Ontario Outdoors card plus a fishing license tag from Ministry of Natural Resources.  You can request an Outdoor card application form 1-800-387-7011 or read more here on how to receive one. 

Fly fishing is also a very popular outdoor sport here as the Saugeen river from the local Walkeron Dam (TRUAX DAM) is very shallow.  I recommend walking down the Saugeen River Trail as the hike can lead you to special fishing spots down the river away from competing fishermen. Why not even consider stopping by the Dam for the afternoon to watch the art of fly fishing while sitting on the banks of the river directly behind Tim Hortons.  I was told that fishermen often use artificial flies on their rods.   There is a popular tackle store ACEN'JJ's for any supplies you may need which is on east Hill of Walkerton at the top on County Road 4 (519-881-0880).

If you're looking for a weekend or week long stay near Walkerton, try booking a campground at Lobbies Park campground which is conveniently beside the river.  Imagine waking up directly beside the river in the morning, perfect for catching the big one! 

Here is a Map of the Brockton area top fishing spots (Thanks to to make it even easier to get that trophy fish you have been waiting for, or even a small one which the kids will love as an experience.  

While canoeing down the river through the summer, I’ve noticed a lot of people practising catch and release.   This helps keep the fish population healthy.  Lastly, if you do canoe the Saugeen or use any of the public access points to the river, please leave no trace by packing out all garbage so that everyone can enjoy the natural wonders of the area and protect the habitat.