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Scuba Diving

Deep Engagement

Welcome to the scuba diving capital of Canada!   Tobermory, Ontario is the place to dive for shipwrecks in Fathom Five National Marine Park that are the big attraction.  Did you know there are  are 22 of them?   There are several dive shops locally and numerous charter boats. But sightseeing under the water doesn’t end here. The Bruce Peninsula National Park 5 minutes away is another popular destination with swimming and diving at the Grotto with its underwater caves, boulder fields, and overhangs.

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Attracting more than 8,000 divers annually, Fathom Five National Marine Park, offshore of Tobermory, encompasses 22 shipwrecks that are amongst the oldest and best-preserved wrecks in Canada. Mostly schooners, barges and steamers, many date back to the mid 1800s before area lighthouses were erected and before the first complete survey of Georgian Bay was finished in 1888. From the 213-foot steamer, W.L. Wetmore, laying 30 feet below the surface, to the remains of Barque Arabia off Echo Island in 110 feet of water, these sunken historic vessels offer experiences for all levels of qualified divers, beginner to advanced.