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Sauble Falls near Sauble Beach

Visit Sauble Beach on the Lake Huron Shoreline!

With a 10-metre drop, Sauble Falls on the Lake Huron shoreline of Bruce County, is not a tall waterfall, but what it lacks in height, it more than makes up for in width as this crescent shaped cascading falls which is 5 minutes from Sauble Beach and great for a day trip.

There is a boardwalk that leads visitors to a viewing platform where there are great views of the falls, which are surrounded by colourful rust and red rock formations. One of nature's greatest treats is to watch spawning fish climb a natural  fish ladder at a waterfall and there's no better place to watch this spectacle than at Sauble Falls, which is upstream from where the Rankin River joins the Sauble River. Every spring and fall, rainbow trout and Chinook salmon leap and thrash as they make their way up the cascading waterfall to their spawning grounds.

In the summer months the scenic vista of the falls takes in the appearance of a lace bridal veil and in winter the ice formations created by the spray from the river form stunningly beautiful pinnacles and icicles.

Sauble Falls fall and spring

Nearby Points of Interest

Sauble Falls and the Ontario Park of the same name are well worth a visit at anytime of the year. Summer activities include camping, canoeing,
hiking, fishing and the new fad: Stand Up paddle boarding.  Also worth checking out is the nearby red pine plantation, which is home to white tail deer and foxes.

In winter, the park roads are open for snowshoeing and skiing making this a true four-season destination.

Sauble Beach is 10 minutes away and considered by many to be one of the best beaches in Canada where you can enjoy kite surfing, kayaking, boating, sun bathing and some of the best sunsets that you can see anywhere.

Spring & Summer Places to Stay Listings
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