Riding in Style in the Walkerton Toyota Tundra

Riding in Style in the Walkerton Toyota Tundra

You don’t have to be from Bruce County to know that we love our landscapes, beaches, butter tarts and… our trucks! Whether you’re heading to the beach or up the Bruce Peninsula, there is nothing like a road trip in the summer with your family and friends. Who doesn’t love hitting the open road and discovering new areas of the county?  Well, there is no better way to do that than in the Walkerton Toyota Tundra!

Every day is a road trip for Amy and I, whether we’re at an event or visiting one of the Adventure Passport stops. There is no better way to spend the summer than driving around beautiful Bruce County, exploring hidden coves and towns that I didn’t realize were in my own backyard!

Driving the Tundra is an all-new experience for me, having mainly driven smaller cars in the past. As we set out for our first event, it didn’t take long before I realized the comfort and ease that comes with driving a Tundra. From Point Clark to Tobermory, dirt-roads to county highways, the Tundra has been a great vehicle to drive.

My favourite features of the truck are: the backup camera and the space! The key to success for us at events is the backup camera! From farmers’ markets to car shows, each event is unique and full of visitors ready for a fun-filled day. The backup camera allows us to settle into our allotted spot with ease (as it can sometimes be a tight squeeze) and find the perfect parking spot for a successful day!

The amount of space in the truck makes it perfect for the job. On a typical day, we will have the truck bed full to the brim with our tent, table, walking sticks, prizes, brochures, and so on. It is truly remarkable and amazes me at every event how much space there is to work with.

My absolute favourite part about driving the Tundra is the bonus punch! Our Walkerton Toyota Tundra is equipped with a bonus punch that Amy and I have the pleasure of giving to 2016 Adventure Passport contestants. This bonus punch can be counted as one of the seven stops that are required to obtain an Explore the Bruce t-shirt and adds a lot of fun to our road trips. It allows us to interact with people and hear the stories of their own unique adventures. There is no better excitement than pulling up to a passport stop in the Tundra to find a group punching their passports, because it makes my day seeing the expression on everyone’s faces when they get are surprised with a bonus punch!

A big thank you to Walkerton Toyota for the great adventures in the Tundra! 

Sydney Morton is a Summer Student with the County of Bruce. She is from Port Elgin and is going into her third year of Commerce at McMaster University in Hamilton.