Explore the National Park in Tobermory, Ontario!

Explore the National Park in Tobermory, Ontario!

The village of Tobermory is proud to host two amazing national parks in the largest remaining chunk of natural habitat in southern Ontario. The Bruce Peninsula National Park consists of rugged limestone cliffs that are inhabited by thousand year old cedar trees overlooking the clear waters of Georgian Bay

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It's a perfect getaway spot for naturalists, photographers, divers, hikers, or kayakers looking for that special place, like caves, underground streams and ancient forests.

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The second national park is Fathom Five National Marine Park. The 112 square kilometer park is made up of 20 islands, where rare ferns and orchids can be found, as well as some of the oldest forests in eastern Canada.
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There are 22 historic shipwrecks protected in the area, which makes it a world famous scuba-diving site. The unique geological formations of Flowerpot Island and the coastal cliffs are features that attract visitors from around the world.

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