Motorcycle Tour to Lake Huron Beach

Motorcycle Tour to Lake Huron Beach

A trip to the beach may not be one’s first choice as a destination for a motorcycle ride but with the glorious summer weather upon us and the fact, in my humble opinion, that Bruce County is home to quite possibly the best beaches in Ontario, I headed for Gobles Grove at the south end of Port Elgin.   

Gobles Grove beach

Leaving Owen Sound it would be all too easy to join the masses heading west on Hwy 21 but I much prefer to take the smaller county roads, a little more scenic and a lot less traffic. 

I head west from Rockford following Grey Roads 18 and 5 (becoming Bruce Road 5) into Tara. Once through Tara, I carry on south before turning right on concession 6. 

motorcycle touring old bridge

It may be slightly quicker to turn onto Bruce Rd 17 in Tara but along Concession 6 is a lovely old rusted bridge which has long served its time, now standing peacefully offering a single lane spanning the slow moving river below. There’s something I enjoy about crossing this bridge, it almost gives a sense of going back in time.

The road quickly rejoins Bruce Road 17 at Invermay and continues through the soft rolling hills and farms, past Arkwright and along to Burgoyne where Grandma’s In-Between Stop Restaurant (519-389-5544) offers a chance to grab a bite to eat or just a quick water stop. The last stretch of road contains a pleasing series of twists and turns, perfect for motorcycles, before finally leading into Port Elgin.

Gobles Grove offers amazing views of the Lake Huron shoreline, with Chantry Island Lighthouse in the distance. 

Port Elgin offers many restaurants and eateries, catering for even the fussiest of pallets, and if you’ve forgotten to pack your swim wear, a quick stop at Beachin’ will have you looking sharp as you strut’ your stuff on the beach.

port elgin beach

Heading south out of Port Elgin, turning right on the C.E.W. takes you down to Gobles Grove.  While being a “locally kept secret” beach, the limited parking available always seems to have a spot even on the busiest of days, and you never feel crowded on the beach. Taking advantage of a motorcycle’s smaller size means you can park in spots no car could.    At this point it would be worth mentioning that a side stand puck will prove invaluable if parking on the softer ground. Choose your parking spot wisely! 

port elgin food and live music

After a tough afternoon of sun worshipping I head back into Port Elgin for a well earned meal. The Queen’s Bar and Grill never fails to satisfy... happy days!

Parking: Available on the beach in designated areas.

Written by local Motorcycle Rider: Ian Thomas

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