Tobermory Motorcycle Tour -The Tub Run

Tobermory Motorcycle Tour - The Tub Run

There’s something about being around water on a hot day which I find rather satisfying. 

I decide Tobermory would be a fitting destination for a day’s ride, so under glorious blue skies I leave Owen Sound via Grey Road 1 for Wiarton.
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Perfectly situated along the corridor heading north, that is Hwy 6, it never seems to matter what time of day, or even day of the week that you go through Wiarton, it`s always bustling with activity. 

Just past the RBC bank on the right is the Royal Canadian Legion memorial. The first thing that catches your eye is the magnificent wall painting and before it, a peaceful garden with a memorial to those who gave their lives in the Great War and WWII. It makes you appreciate how lucky we are with what we have and how grateful we should be to those that gave their lives in defending it.

There are plenty of refreshment opportunities in Wiarton. Park up and have a wonder around, the locals are only too happy to extend a warm welcome to visitors and who knows, you may even meet the great procrastinator himself – Wiarton Willie! 
wiarton willie cage

Continuing on out of Wiarton I turn right towards Colpoys Bay and follow County Rd 9 to Lion`s Head. 

wind turbines bruce peninsula

There isn`t too many alternative routes you can take to Tobermory but CR9 is a great deviation for the motorcyclist. This road offers lingering curves and s-bends, not to mention stunning scenery. On a cooler day, I would be more than content with ``playing`` on this road a little longer but for today, Tobermory beckons. 

peninsula Weather

I rejoin Hwy 6 at Ferndale, continuing north, a dark grey cloud now covers the highway, stretching out before me. 

ferndale gas station

To the left and right are clear blue skies but with the slightest of hints of blue showing way ahead I ride on in hope that the cloud will lift.

Upon reaching Tobermory there is no sign of cloud and this pretty harbour village is found basking in the sunshine. There is free parking at the tourist information centre on your right as you enter Tobermory and a short walk follows into the village. 

There are plenty of places to eat but the Crowsnest Pub hits the spot every time. Destroyed by fire in November 2010, the Crowsnest has risen from the ashes to reclaim its spot as the hub of social life in Tobermory.  

crowsnest pub

The offered menu has a great selection of food and drink but I`m a sucker for fish`n`chips and their offerings never fail to satisfy.With a content tummy, I decide to walk off my lunch by taking a stroll around Little Tub and its many stores and boutiques. From here you can catch a boat across to Flowerpot Island, taking in a few of the famous shipwrecks on route. If you have the time I would certainly recommend packing some provisions and spending the day there.

tobermory harbour

Having had the forethought of bringing my swimming shorts, I saddle up and head for Cyprus Lake campground, part of the Bruce Peninsula National Park

Cyprus Lake Campground

The road into the park is tight and twisty offering a few miles of smiles, even if it is at a reduced speed.  There is a parking fee for day visitors but this is a small price when given what the park has to offer.  

Indian Head Cove

I park up and make my way along the path towards the Grotto and Indian Head Cove.   The Cove is a rocky outcrop which takes on the guise of an Indian`s head (the clue is in the name!) when looked at from a certain angle. As the path drops down to the cove the image presented resembles that of a colony of sea birds, there are people perched on very rock and ledge forming their own day nests. But despite the crowds, there is still plenty of room to find my own perch.

A quick change into my swimming shorts has me in the water in no time at all. The water is noticeably cooler than that of Sauble and the likes but on a day such as this, it`s nothing short of perfect!

As the sun quickens it`s way westward I return home heading straight down Hwy 6, riding past fields lit up like fires from the ever looming sunset. This is Bruce County...

bruce county sunset

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