Town of Mildmay, A Community of South Bruce

The town of Mildmay, is located on Highway 9, where the community retains its old-time flavour when it was originally known as Mernersville.  The village has its beginnings in 1867 when Samuel Merner surveyed a town plot.  When a post office was opened there in Confederation Year, it took the name Mildmay after Mildmay Park in London, England.

In the early 1870s, when Mildmay became a station on the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway, the community grew rapidly, at one time vying with Walkerton for the County Seat.

 A centre of industry in the midst of some of Bruce County’s richest farm lands, Mildmay boomed in the 1880s with brickyards, a steam flax mill, two large flour mills, three wagon and four blacksmith shops, a cooperage and pump factory.  The Mildmay Creamery was famous for its Mildmay Brand apple butter, just as Mildmay today is famous for specialty shops such as the Cheese Haus.  There was also a cider mill and a repair shop that specialized in steam engines.

Mildmay - OntarioThe Rotary Coronation Park is one of Mildmay’s beauty spots.  Otter Creek, which once provided power for mills, today flows through the park’s beautiful grounds where visitors can refresh themselves at an ever-flowing artesian well after exploring a two-kilometre hiking trail.

Fun Fact

The town of Mildmay was once home to the Lobsinger Foundry that for over a century manufactured the famous Mildmay Lion Threshing Machine.  So popular was this revolutionary agricultural implement that throughout Bruce County one could find a “Lion” in every barn. 

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