Town of Lucknow, A Community of Huron-Kinloss

Like many other Bruce County villages, Lucknow boasts of a strong Scottish character that dates back to the 19th century when it was home to the Lucknow Caledonian Games.  Lucknow’s welcome sign honours Donald Dinnie, a champion wrestler and heavyweight athlete who competed in the games, becoming part of the local folklore.

The village was named in 1858 out of respect for Colin Campbell, a fellow Scot who led the relief of Lucknow during the Sepoy Rebellion in India the previous year.  Several Lucknow streets such as Campbell, Ross, Otran, Havelock, Rose, and Canning are named for British army officers who fought in the Indian mutiny.  

Today, picturesque Lucknow is a thriving business centre and home to 1,100 residents with much to see and do.  Shaded walkways line the banks of the village’s three streams where anglers can dangle a hook for rainbow and brook trout.  There’s a sports complex, great shops and food stops, and close by skiing and snowmobile trails. 

Fun Fact

On the night that Lucknow was christened in 1858, the settlers carefully augured 21 holes into large trees, filled the bore holes with back powder, and blew them to kingdom come.  Canny Scots, not only did they enjoy a noisy celebration of their new village, they also managed to clear a good part of its forest.

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