Keady Market = Local Shopping Experience!

Keady Market = Local Shopping Experience!


Keady Market, named after the town just south of Owen Sound, Ontario, is promoted through the Grey Bruce Local Food Project website as one of more than a dozen farmers' markets, and one of two year 'round markets in the region.  

ontario farmers market

In fact, it's one of the largest farmers markets around and over the years it's become quite an extravaganza! 

keady market parking

Every Tuesday (7am-2pm, May through September), cars, trucks and vans, across both counties (and much further afield), prepare, in the early hours of the day, to descend upon this rural tract of land. 

fresh livestock

The market has history in the region as the weekly livestock auction and truly is a meeting place for many that call both Grey and Bruce their home. 

Organic Farmers Market

The vendors arrive as if on a pilgrimage just as the morning dew begins to evaporate off of the smooth grasses that line the property. What begins as a few simple rows of tents and tables quickly turns into a bustling community of local food producers as they unload their most recent harvest. The vegetables, legumes, greens and fruit shine with a glow that comes from being recently picked, and still fresh from the field. 

baked goods

The freshly made breads and baked goods fill the air with delicate hints of cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry and lemon, as well as that mouth-watering smell that comes from a fresh crust. Make sure to check out the old-time lunch counter, where the local farmers’ lunch and snack on homemade pie and if you're brave, poke your head into the livestock auction too (but don't get in the way, it's serious business in there!).

ontario busker

The hustle and bustle and the sound of buskers singing and vendors calling out their sales pitches, all fill the air with a festival atmosphere.

keady market vender

As the field continues to transform into a small village, the antique vendors bring in their finds and unload what seems like a collector's dream. Between the velvet paintings and the brass fire-pokers that remind us of our kitschy past (in the seventies), there are some real deals that would make any “picker” proud. More than once I have made out like a bandit and came away from the market with a handful of treasures at a reasonable price.

The electronics sales people arrive soon after and within what seems like a few minutes, thousands of phone cords, headsets, stereo's, wiring, and cases seem to arrange themselves into an orderly fashion along their tables. If you are looking for local food and a fun time, and anything else at all - like that missing cord in the basement for your cell phone - then you should definitely make your way to Keady and see if it's here. 

If it's hot, I recommend leaving your dog at home (Note: puppy’s are for sale often), pick up a Grey Bruce gelato and make a day of it, as your home dinner will be improved by this top area farmers market.

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