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A Community of Kincardine

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Inverhuron, located on the shores of Lake Huron, has led several lives.  In the 1850s when the site was surveyed and the streets named, it swelled into an instant village lining the sand dunes and stretching along a shallow river where mills were built.  With a harbour, docks and warehouses, Inverhuron had a lively export trade in grain, tanbark, lime, and millions of cedar posts.

On its way to becoming an important Lake Huron port, tragedy struck in 1883 when fire leveled nearly every building in the village.  The ruins of this once proud port lay vacant for nearly a century until Inverhuron Provincial Park was established in 1957. 

One of the most popular of lakeside parks, Inverhuron became a day park soon after the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, one of the world’s largest nuclear facilities, started in 1961.  Today, the park is once again open for overnight camping while along the sandy shores, permanent homes and seasonal cottages abound.  On a walk through the park’s dunes, visitors can still find relics from Inverhuron’s past.

Believe It or Not

William Gray of Philadelphia arrived in Inverhuron in 1870 and bought 500 acres of land.  There, he built a grand house known as Boss Gray’s Castle. Every room had a fireplace, the floors were of oak, the staircase mahogany, marble covered the foyer and a glassed-in cupola crowned the many-roomed mansion.  Gray left as mysteriously as he arrived.  On a cold day in January 1961, the Castle burned to its blackened walls.


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