This page is for Bruce County Operators

You're invited to attend the Bruce County Operator Outreach!

These sessions are a great opportunity to:

  1. Learn what the County of Bruce has been up to since last year's session and what we have planned for the future
  2. Discover opportunities for you to work with one of the county's amazing programs
  3. Network and collaborate with other local operators
  4. Sample some local culinary treats

Two Sessions:

  1. Tuesday November 8th, 8:55am - NOON, Tobermory Community Centre
  2. Thursday November 10th, 8:55am - NOON, Walkerton Best Western

Each session will allow participants to choose a workshop in their area of interest:

  1. Explore the Bruce: Marketing & Promotions
  2. Business to Bruce: Business Development
  3. Spruce the Bruce: Product Development

Register here before November 2nd, 2016!

Fall seminars are coming to Bruce County! 

What is Spruce the Bruce?

Spruce the Bruce (STB) is a downtown improvement program created by the County of Bruce with a goal to enact positive change to support downtown improvements that make communities more attractive, pedestrian-friendly, and distinctive. The STB program focuses on downtown cores, as main streets within Bruce County represent over 2/3 of our commercial assessment and are main point of contact with tourism dollars. Since starting in 2010, 257 downtown community improvement projects have been completed with the help of Spruce the Bruce totaling in value to more than $2.6 million dollars of combined public and private investment.

The County of Bruce has allocated $125,000 towards six grant streams in 2016. All grants are matching funds grants up to 50% of eligible project expenses. Grant types and maximum matching funding provided by Spruce the Bruce include:

• Streetscape Beautification Grant $10,000

• Façade Improvement & Sidewalk Patio Grant $3,000 with an additional $1,000 for projects totaling over $10,000

• Perpendicular Signage & Awning Grant $1,000

• Gateways & Public Signage Grant $5,000

• Destination Infrastructure Grant $2,500

• Downtown Collaborative Marketing Grant $2,500


Spruce the Bruce Grants are up for grabs beginning Tuesday March 1st, 2016. Bruce County Council has approved $125,000 towards Spruce the Bruce Grants to be used towards improving Bruce County downtowns in 2016!

The first intake deadline to submit applications is March 31st, 2016 and applications will continue to be accepted by the last day of each month, until all 2016 funds have been disbursed. Applications are on a first-come first-served basis.

Grant categories have eligibility criteria in which participating municipalities, downtown stakeholders and business owners must meet in order to be awarded the grant. General criteria applicable to all applications includes: that the project must not have commenced prior to the awarding of the requested grant; applications must provide minimum 50% cash contribution towards the total cost of the project; and that projects must be completed by October 31st, 2016. Additional criteria may apply.

To submit a grant application and for additional information about Spruce the Bruce, please visit or call 1-800-268-3838.

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Customer Service Training

RTO7 and the Counties of Bruce, Grey & Simcoe have partnered to bring an online customer service training program to the region. Working in collaboration with OTEC (Ontario Tourism Education Corporation), the BGS Tourism Service Excellence Training is a one hour training that will provide the fundamentals of customer service for frontline tourism staff and other first impression individuals e.g. gas station attendants. We want to collectively ensure that we’re all putting our best foot forward when it comes to welcoming visitors to BruceGreySimcoe!

If you work in Bruce County and provide customer service to tourists, visit our Customer Service Training page for more information and registration.

RTO7 Wayfinding Signage 2014/2015

In 2012, Regional Tourism Organization 7 developed the Tourism Wayfinding Signage Standard & Specification Manual for Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties. County of Bruce is now using the standard as a guideline for the purchase of highway signage. This strategy helps to provide consistency throughout all three counties.

Learn more about Wayfinding Signage

Media Tours

In partnership with OTMPC (Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation), Bruce County has hosted several media tours throughout 2015 with more requests coming in for 2016!

We've hosted;

- MBC TV (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) Korea - "I Live Alone" reality tv show (you can view the episode at -

- Ottawa Family Living

- Family Vacation Critic - Author Lorilee Craker

- Weekend Jaunt

- Seattle Travels

Stay tuned to our social media feeds to see the articles and shows that had taken place in Bruce County!

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