Dunes for Doggies

Dunes for Doggies

Dunes for Doggies: The best pet friendly beaches in Bruce County!
Looking for summer activities to do with your furry friend? Well Bruce County understands that your pet is just as much part of the family. This being said there are many amazing beach destinations for you to enjoy together.

Starting North be sure to check out the Lion’s Head Beach on the shore of Georgian Bay. Lion's Head at the lighthouse
Lion’s Head has the best of both worlds, soft sand on one side and beautiful white stone on the other! While your visiting the beach be sure to stop in at the local shops and visit the charming lighthouse.

Heading down South, be sure to stop in at these three great getaways!

Inverhuron Beach
This beach is not only 2 km’s of sandy shoreline but it’s also an amazing fun filled learning environment for the whole family. Being located just off of Inverhuron Provincial Park don’t forget to tour the park with your pooch before taking a dip in the warm water.Photo of a lady with a dog at Inverhuron Beach

Kincardine Station Beach
Take in the local history and culture of the bonnie town of Kincardine! Enjoy the day at the beach by kicking back in the giant beach chairs or spending some time on the playground with the kids. Later in the day take the family up town for some ice cream and tune into the Phantom Piper at sunset.

Point Clark Beach
Being tucked away along the Lake Huron shoreline Point Clark is the perfect quiet retreat. Take the family here to avoid the hustle and bustle of the more populated beaches, or bring your furry friend for a walk along the beach and find a peaceful spot to watch the sunset.

While at the beaches always remember to leash you dog where instructed, and to pick up after them to insure these amazing spots remain dog friendly!

Make sure the whole family is included in your next family vacation!