Drive-in Theatre


Save the rental movies for home. In Bruce County you can drive back in time – to a drive-in theatre. Remember the days, watching under the stars? Well, those days are still here, and you can relive them. Bring lawn chairs and a blanket if you like. Now tune in your radio, lean back, and enjoy not just a movie but a trip to the past.

Homey and Family-Friendly

We have two drive-in theatres, one in Owen Sound, the other in Hanover, both open seasonally from May to October.

•    The Owen Sound Twin Drive In has two screens, a large playground and a snack shop. Each long weekend features a dusk-to-dawn four-movie marathon. Opens weekends and daily in summer, admission is free for children 5 years and under.

•    The Hanover Drive-In opens runs Fridays and Saturdays until school is finished, and then on also on Sundays and Tuesdays until the Labour Day weekend. Dusk to dawn marathons are also featured on long weekends. Note: It’s cash only at the box office.

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