Scenic Wheeling

Bruce County’s country roads lend themselves naturally and beautifully to cycle touring. They’re quiet, well surfaced, and jam-packed with diversity. You can cycle from sandy beaches in the west to rocky cliffs in the east. Roads climb up and over the Niagara Escarpment and run along some of Canada’s most stunning shoreline. There are plenty of ups and downs and twists and turns, along with tantalizing destinations. You can link lighthouses, visit rural gardens, string together a succession of beaches, head to Harley’s Pub and Perk in Mildmay for butter tarts, or ride to Big Bay General Store for ice cream. That’s the great pleasure about road cycling in the Bruce – you can spin it any which way you want.

Pedal Routes

Be sure to ask us for a free copy of Bruce County Cycling Routes, a brochure outlining 13 different themed tours with maps. The brochure paves the way to the most delightful cycling roads in the county! Another great reference is the Grey-Bruce Visitor Map, showing locations of lighthouses, artist studios, antique shops, gardens, stone ruins and other points of interest.

***For bike rentals and trail options also see “Mountain Biking”.

The 13 tours you can experience are;

Tour 1 - Lighthouses North (currently under review)

Tour 2 - Beaches North (91 km loop)

Tour 3 - Best of the Bays (74 km loop)

Tour 4 - Escarpment  (60km loop)

Tour 5 - Coast 2 Coast (65 km loop)

Tour 6 - Saugeen First Nation #29 (62 km loop)

Tour 7 - Beach Hop (17 km loop on rail trail or 22 km loop on road)

Tour 8 - Beaches South (110 km out-and-back)

Tour 9 - Lighthouses South (55 km loop)

Tour 10 - Saugeen River (45 km loop)

Tour 11 - Eight Mills (100 km loop)

Tour 12 - Greenock Swamp (63 km loop with shorter options)

Tour 13 - River Valley (60 km loop)

Big Tub Harbour Resort

Big Tub Harbour Resort


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Martin's Bike Shop


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Saugeen Rail Trail Association


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