Canadian Caliber Maple Syrup produced locally in Bruce County

Canadian Caliber Maple Syrup produced locally in Bruce County

Gold Rush...Grey Bruce

This Spring certainly appears to be lacking the usual key concepts...sunshine, warmth, new flowers and greenery...however, one thing that has not been lacking is something which now being referred to as liquid gold, and that’s maple syrup.

You may be wondering why Maple Syrup is being called liquid gold. Here are a few of the reasons:

Demand for Maple Syrup is continuing to increase. When going in to any tourist shop, displays of Maple Syrup are a sure bet, and that’s because this delicious product has become a direct symbol of Canadian culture. Click here to find out where you can locate some of the delicious maple syrup produced locally in Bruce County.

Since the production of sap is directly linked to the weather, above freezing temperatures during the day, and below freezing at night, there is a short window of opportunity for the season making maple syrup a delicacy, especially to international markets. When producers have a solid season and a good run, they can have a prosperous return, where as the opposite can occur when Mother Nature chooses to be uncooperative. Due to this unpredictability, the cost of maple syrup can be directly affected and profits vary with the season. Last year was not great because we had hot weather early on, followed by weather that was too warm but this year has been successful. Supporting local producers of any kind is important. They’re stewards of the land, contributors to our quality of air and part of a sustainable industry. Supporting them not only helps to provide an income but it maintains an important forest ecosystem.

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According to Nick Bereznick, President of the Grey Bruce chapter of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association, there are an estimated 75 million maple trees that are untapped in Ontario. Untapped trees means untapped potential as far as Bereznick is concerned. Tapping trees can be lucrative too, with the yield per acre the highest of any agricultural crop. In Ontario the annual value of the crop comes in at about 25 million dollars. It’s not as capital intensive as other types of farming so it’s cheaper to get started with the business. The demand by consumers for natural products, including maple syrup, is going up. Bereznick also states

“Sugar Maple trees around here are some of the highest quality trees in the world. We’re in a moderate climate so the trees grow quickly to a sizable diameter, and are very robust. We go out and drill holes in these trees. The holes close up in one year. This shows their natural ability to heal. We’re fortunate to be in this part of the world”

- Nick Bereznick, President of the Grey Bruce chapter of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers’ Association

With this quality of trees no wonder there are over 100 maple syrup producers in Grey Bruce. This includes everyone from small family operations hanging a few buckets in the backyard to the large producers who tap hundreds of trees and use state of the art equipment. Among the biggest producers in the area is Voisin’s near Formosa with 9000 taps

Voisin’s Maple Products will be one of the main Maple Products used this weekend at the 46th Belmore Maple Syrup Festival. The weekend features all day pancakes, local entertainment, a craft show, kid’s activities, and to top the festival off, a dance. Click here for more information on the Festival.

With this information known, what a time to start a new venture! Check out a producer near you, maybe you can arrange a tour, or at the very least a taste test! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be not only tapping a maple tree of your own, but tapping into what could be Grey Bruce’s most lucrative and hidden industry!

Enjoy the season Bruce County!

Thanks to Grey Bruce Agriculture and Culinary Association for their contribution to this article