Camping - Summer House Park

Camping - Summer House Park

We had the opportunity to visit Summer House Park earlier this week and learn more about them.


If you haven’t been there before, it’s somewhere you’re going to want to check out.  They offer a wide variety of camping options.  Tents, RV’s, campers, trailers and they even have some wood cabins.  Each spot in the park is very picturesque and unique.  Some of the spots feature waterfront views and others are in the heart of the wilderness.  It’s perfect for that getaway you have planned.


Their beach features a couple of docks and water toys that you can climb on!  Plus there is a separate beach just for your dogs!!  If you wanted to get out an explore the water while your on vacation, there are plenty of rental options to do so.


For the kids, they have playground equipment and daily kids activities!  There are ping pong tables, shuffle board, sand volley ball court and much much more for endless family fun!


After all the playing when you get hungry, you can visit the restaurant for breakfast or lunch.  If you in the mood for just a refreshing snack, you can visit the gift shop for some ice cream and other goodies. 


Summer House Park has something for everyone and they pretty much have everything you need to enjoy your vacation!


Check out the video blog to hear more details about it!!