Generations ago, Halfway Log dump was used by loggers to dump timbers over the escarpment to the waters below and floated away to mills to make homes, furniture, and other items of the day. Geologically, the boulders were once a solid part of the cliffs high above. The actions of storms and ice have landed this rubble on the shores below for the boulderers’ climbing pleasure.


Now, through a mutual understanding between the Ontario Access Coalition and Bruce Peninsula National Park, Halfway Log Dump permits bouldering in select areas.


This area is part of the Niagara Escarpment and was designated a World Biosphere preserve in 1990. As such, boulderers should bear in mind that preservation is of the highest priority and are responsible to leave no trace.


Be sure to download the Interpretive Bouldering Guide to Halfway Log dump from the Ontario Access Coalition’s website prior to heading out with your crash pads and climbing shoes.


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