A Flashback to Last Years Winter In Bruce County

Here are the Top 7 Photos that Sum Up Last Winter


Do You Remem'burrrr' Our Last Winter in Bruce County?


‘ Polar Vortex’

‘all Bruce County Roads are Closed’


Those were some of the news headlines in our Local Newspapers.

This is what happened last year:

1. Highway 6 closed between Wiarton and Tobermory for 7 Days.

Yes that's right, 7 Days.

Image of road closure sign from Winter 2013

*image provided by Owen Sound Sun Times

2. Our Patriotic Billboard, Go Canada Go!

3. Now this was a good day on the roads!

 "Road Condition: Clear, Bare Tracks"

4. ENDLESS SNOW DAYS (for the kids)

Image for kids making snow angels

5. SNOW DAY (for the parents)

Endless amounts of snowblowing


7.  That time our snowplow drivers were working day and night to clear the roads.

Don’t forget to thank our local snow plow drivers! THANK YOU!!

*some photos courtesy of Bruce County Highways.